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Resource Management



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Resource Monitoring  

Resource monitoring is an essential part of sustainably managing the natural resources of the Limpopo River basin. This section looks at resource monitoring and how the data from monitoring programmes is collected, stored, distributed and used for better decision making. This section also examines where there are gaps in current monitoring programmes and how these can be improved in:

Chapter Summary

This chapter covers the following concepts and material:

  • The role of data and information in decision-making
  • The importance of monitoring in the context of Integrated Water Resources Management
  • An overview of current monitoring activities in the Limpopo River basin
  • The role and importance of Information Systems in resources monitoring
  • Data and monitoring gaps in the Limpopo River basin and their implications for sustainable management of water resources
Water quality monitoring in the Steelpoort River, South Africa.
Source: Mac 2008
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