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People and the River



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Livelihoods represent the fundamental relationship between the people in the Limpopo River basin and its biophysical resources. They are the primary activities that the basin people engage in to obtain the income, food, water, shelter, clothing and other materials needed to satisfy and sustain the well-being of their families and other members of their social groups.

A livelihood involves any choice for making a living, including capabilities, material and social assets, and activities carried out independently or as part of a group effort. Livelihoods usually have to do with resources, such as land, forests, crops, cattle, etc. Specific livelihoods are often embedded in particular cultural traditions and are based on specialised skills, technology and knowledge that are passed down from generation to generation.

The sale of subsistence agricultural produce is one example of a common livelihood in the Limpopo River basin.
Source: Qwist-Hoffmann 2010
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